'Mr Men' sketches were carefully scrawled upon the roll of old wall paper, lay out by his mother, put there most likely to keep him quiet... astounded at his accurate  portrayal, it was hereby understood, that there was to be no looking back. Pencils and crayons, brushes and paints; an artist was born.

The work of David Tolley now consists of a vast number of artistic collections, that vary in theme, subject matter and creative medium. Partly due to the work being created over the last 20 years, and partly to do with constant development of skill. His primary passion is the process in which the works are created. Tolley has been Inspired by artists such as Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, yet creates work more closely depicting impressionism.

Although the works manifest in a range of mediums, such as Charcoal, Oil Paint, Pastels and plaster... to name but a few; there is a definite coherency between the works.  Notably the processes entailed and the stylistic touches that define the piece as a 'David Tolley.' 

"I believe to create Art, you cannot be precious, it is experimenting and pushing boundaries that gets the result." (David Tolley)